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What I do in my spare time:

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computers I music I formula 1 I lindenstraße I movies

  Fun Stuff:
  • not so NEW: The Dodecathlon III took place in late June '98 (Update 25.9.2012: Taken down by participant's request)

To provide you with some data on me:

Surname: Schubert
Given names: Oliver, Martin
Date of birth: 18.6.1972 (that means I`m currently 29)
Place of birth: Nürnberg (100% pure Franconian)
Height: 184 cm
Weight: 74 kg
Colour of eyes: brown
Colour of hair: dark brown (fading to black)
last known Residence: Oliver Schubert
90542 Eckental-Oberschöllenbach
Germany, Europe, Earth, ...

If you want to learn more about me:

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my likings I my dislikings I gallery

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I decided to start a page with an overview of the history of this website

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