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Hey, hey!
Visual Oli++ deluxe!
With this spinner movie, my pages become multimedia, finally. It's me (surprise, surprise!!), sitting on an rotating office chair. The movie was recorded with an ancient analog surveillance camera, therefore the lo-fi, grungy quality.

  Here you can see some small previews. If you move your mouse cursor over these previews (all 4-8kB), you should see some comments and the file size of the whole image in the bottom line of your browser. In case you use a browser that is not aware of this display function, you can scroll down this page and find the same information. You can access the real images by clicking on the previews.  

Here a short description of these pics:
First Row, left:
     Oli doin the wheelie-thing on his möped (ca '90; 18kB)
First row, middle:
     The Spaceman came travellin' (as well '90; 12kB)
First row, right:
     Rockstar wannabe ('93; 10kB)
Second row, left:
     Sunrise in Oberschöllenbach ('93; 12kB)
Second row, middle:
     Sunset in South Africa ('85; 44kB)
Second row, right:
     Sunset in Namibia ('87; 22kB)
Third row, left:
     Beijing Boy (June '89; 20kB)
Third row, middle:
     King's Palace in Beijing a week before the massacre (June '89; 16kB)
Third row, right:
     Just to remind you folks, where this web-site is located: It's in GERMANY! (54kB)
Fourth row, left:
     Endless road in Namibia (summer '87; 18kB))
Fourth row, middle:
     Oberschöllenbach after the great dry of '87 (20kB)
Fourth row, right:
     Having a great discussion with some other guy ('85; 10kB)

Finally here it is: A more accurate picture of me (spring '97 at home)

and another couple of years later (spring '04 at Lago Maggiore, Switzerland/Italy)

and again another couple of years later (summer '10 at the Sun Studios in Memphis, TN)

and again another couple of years later (summer '18 in the "Schüssel" on the top of the "Waldstein", near Sparneck, BY, with Fini

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started on 9/11/1995
last modified on 10/11/2018
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