Apple Macintosh


The Apple Macintosh SE/30 an all-in-one Mac from the late 80ies. It sports a Motorola MC68030 CPU clocked at 16MHz. Phantastic boot times mostly depend on the small size of the software from that time, OS and Apps.

Apple Macintosh SE/30
CPU Motorola 68030 @ 16 MHz
Memory 8 MB
Graphics 512*342 b/w
Storage Devices 3.5"-Floppy Disc with 1.44 MB
SCSI-HD with 80MB
Ports 1x PDS-slot of SE/30 type
Printer (RS-422, serial)
Modem (RS-422, serial)
SCSI (1.25 MB/s)
2x Apple Desktop Bus ADB
Sound out stereo 8Bit