Apple Power Macintosh
G3 233 DT

G3 Desktop

The Apple Power Macintosh G3 233 DT is a third generation PowerMac, therefore G3 and was presented in late 1997. The G3 is the first new series of computers by Apple released during Steve Jobs being CEO. For quite a long time Apple could not satisfy the huge number of requests for G3 computers which, hopefully, are the start of the comeback of Apple. The next step of this comeback is the iMac, which was released on the 15th of August 1998 and as well is driven by a G3 processor.

Apple Power Macintosh G3 233 DTRev.A
CPU Motorola PPC 750 @ 233 MHz
Transistors 6,350,000 + cache
SPECint95 11.00
SPECfp95 8.10
Memory 128 MB
Graphics 6 MB VRAM allows
Storage Devices 3.5"-Floppy Disc with 1.44 MB
EIDE-Quantum HD with 4.3 GB
Ports 3x PCI-slot
Printer (RS-422, serial)
Modem (RS-422, serial)
SCSI (5 MB/s)
Apple Desktop Bus ADB
Microphone/Sound in stereo 16Bit@44.1kHz
Sound out stereo 16Bit@44.1kHz
10Mbit-10bT ethernet

Just to compare the benchmarks: A PentiumII @ 233 MHz scores 9.49 (SPECint95) and 6.43 (SPECfp95)

With the help of a software emulation like VirtualPC, you can run Win95 and the according Office applications at the speed of first generation Pentium processors, which means at a comfortable speed. So much for Macs being not "compatible", or can you show me a PeeCee that can at least read Mac-formatted floppy discs, not to mention run Mac-applications.