Apple Macintosh
Colour Classic

Colour Classic

The Apple Macintosh Colour Classic an all-in-one Mac from the early 90ies. Due to its colour display, it is one of the cult Macintoshes. Due to its color capabilities and its tiny all-in-one design, it counts as the predecessor of the iMac. The negative point about the machine is its adressing is limited to 16bit, making 10MB the maximum of RAM though 12MB sit in the slots. Nowadays, it is hard to imagine that earlier people were doing layout and design stuff on such a tiny 10 inch display.

Apple Macintosh Colour Classic
CPU Motorola 68030 @ 16 MHz (upgraded to 33MHz)
Memory 10 MB
Graphics 512 kB VRAM allows
Storage Devices 3.5"-Floppy Disc with 1.44 MB
SCSI-HD with 500MB
Ports 1x PDS-slot of LCII type
Printer (RS-422, serial)
Modem (RS-422, serial)
SCSI (1.25 MB/s)
2x Apple Desktop Bus ADB
Built-in Microphone mono 16Bit@22.05kHz
Sound in mono 16Bit@22.05kHz
Sound out mono 16Bit@22.05kHz